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BadBlue Word Sharing - Frequently Asked Questions
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New! Starting with BadBlue 1.7, Word documents display in WYSIWYG (rich text) format with images, tables and full formatting supported.

How do I get started?

It's easy to share your Office files. First thing you'll need to do is to determine what to share. From the Manage tab, click on Setup search tab. This will let you select files or even entire folders that can be searched by other users.

Later on, if you wish, you can even password protect shared areas and enforce other security rules to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Select files or folders to share

Press the browse button to select a file to share. Even if you want to share an entire folder, select a single file, click OK on the file box and then check the Share all files in this folder checkbox. Then press the Share! button. Do this as many times as you need for the different files or folders you need to share.

When you're done setting up files and folders for sharing, just click on Home (upper lefthand corner) and you're ready to do a search.

Search & review results

From the Search tab, enter your search terms. You can use a file extension (e.g., doc) if you wish. When you find a useful result, click the file name to download it. Or, to simply display the Word document in HTML format automatically, click on the Live View link next to the file name.

The Word file will be rendered into HTML "on the fly" (see inset) along with images, tables and full formatting.

Setting up the Folders tab

You can also set up the Folders tab to allow live views of Office data. From the Manage tab, click Setup folders tab. Name the folder, select a file in the folder you'd like to share, then click the Add virtual directory button.

The folder will now appear in the Folders tab and any Office documents can be "live viewed".

Let friends or colleagues surf to your PC

Now that you've set up BadBlue to share or publish files, you can have your colleagues or friends surf to your PC and search for, display and/or download the files to which you've given them access. See the BadBlue General Use FAQ for more detailed instructions about having others surf/browse to your PC.

While remote users can see your main menu, they are only able to search for the files you've specified. Your administrative menu options can only be controlled by you, from your PC.

If you want to password protect your files or otherwise secure access to your PC, please read the BadBlue Security FAQ.


What other file formats are supported?

BadBlue can instantly publish and transcode Access and Excel files into HTML live.

How can other users browse directly to my PC to search it?

See the BadBlue General Use FAQ which describes how to find your IP address or set up a domain name so that other users can surf directly to your PC, search it and download or display files.

Why are there asterisks all over my document when it's displayed?

BadBlue PE supports only a limited preview of live Word documents. You'll need to upgrade to BadBlue Enterprise Edition to get full Word, Excel and Access sharing capabilities.

Can I prevent Word documents from being downloaded and allow them only to be viewed?

Yes. From the BadBlue main menu, use the Setup search tab menu and scroll to the bottom of the page. Change the Live View Only setting to Yes and then press the Update button. Once you exit and restart BadBlue, authorized users searching your machine will only be allowed to choose the Live View option; they will not be permitted to download Office files directly.

Can I password protect my files?

Yes. See the FAQ on how to password protect your files.

Can I generate a 'permanent' link (URL) to the "live view" of my document?

Yes. To generate a permanent, static link (URL) to a live view of your document, search for it normally and then click on the Live View option to generate the normal, dynamic link. For example, a dynamic link that results from a search and a live-view might read:


To turn this link into a permanent URL, you can replace the search index ("153", in the example above) with the path number ("path9", in the example below). The path-number can be determined by reading the EXT.INI file.


Using the path-number instead of a search index will generate a completely static link that will never change unless you change the EXT.INI file.

What does the Word display look like in a browser?

Note: starting with BadBlue 1.7, Word documents display in WYSIWYG (rich text) format with images, tables and full formatting supported.

Does the free BadBlue Personal Edition support Word publishing/transcoding?

Yes, BadBlue PE supports limited previews of Word document data over the web. And BadBlue Enterprise Edition supports unlimited viewing of documents and other Office files.

Get BadBlue Enterprise Edition via electronic distribution today from our partner SWreg: View the full feature list: EE supports uploads, NT user/group security and much more!
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