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BadBlue Multi-Hosting - Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I run multiple hosts from a single IP?

Yes. All versions of BadBlue (1.5 and greater) support multi-hosting. BadBlue allows you to specify configuration statements in the EXT.INI file which lets you define multiple hosts and the directories from which each host's content will be served.

How do I configure multi-hosting?

You can control multi-hosting by modifying the EXT.INI file in the BadBlue directory. Simply add the following lines to the bottom of the EXT.INI file (remember, if the [SERVICES] line already exists in the file, add the multi-hosting statements - the lines beginning with the word host - in the existing services section):


The syntax of each host statement (which you can number from host1 to host100) is described below.

Note that the specified folder should not include a trailing backslash. If a non-default port (i.e., a port other than 80) is specified, it should be included in the host name. For instance, consider a situation in which the server runs on port 8088. The sample configuration, above, would look like this:


Host statements take the form:


The # signifies the unique host number (1 to n, which you assign yourself). The Host is the applicable domain name or IP address. The [:port] should be included if the server is not running on port 80. The Folder-path specifies the source of the content for the host. Note that a trailing backslash should not be included.

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