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Fact: more and more companies are watching, restricting, and recording your Internet activity at the office. Eventually, your online activities could come back to haunt you - resulting in penalties, suspensions, even termination.

What can I do?: OfficeSurfer lets you surf in privacy from your office, bypassing corporate restrictions on specific web sites, defeating monitoring software, and preventing routine logging of your online activities.

Check personal email accounts... visit your favorite web sites... worry-free and hassle-free.

How does OfficeSurfer work?

Install any version of BadBlue (including the free download) on your PC. When you're at work, surf to your PC running BadBlue. Click on the OfficeSurfer picture. Enter the URL you want to browse... no restrictions... no monitoring... just surfing where you want, when you want.


BadBlue's OfficeSurfer does the surfing for you, delivering web pages from your home PC as if it were the only site you were visiting. You're free to surf any site your home PC can reach, including personal email, news, entertainment, etc.

Traditional corporate security products can't deal with OfficeSurfer because they can't examine all of the content being delivered to your office PC. They rely upon simple URL (address) filtering to watch and restrict your activity. OfficeSurfer bypasses their security, operating "under the radar" and keeping you safe from prying eyes.

Which versions include OfficeSurfer?

All versions of BadBlue server products beginning with version 2.44 include the OfficeSurfer features.

How do I start OfficeSurfer?

Install BadBlue on your PC and make sure you can surf to it from your office. The Tutorial and Troubleshooting Guide can step you through basic setup.

Then surf to your PC running BadBlue from your office and click on the:

BadBlue OfficeSurfer

image (available on both the Search and Folders tabs).

What kind of restrictions will OfficeSurfer bypass?

OfficeSurfer can bypass restrictions on specific site addresses (e.g., web-mail accounts); on secure traffic (e.g., using a bank or investment web site over SSL); on web traffic over certain ports (if you run BadBlue on port 80); and related corporate web filters.

BadBlue will also prevent basic monitoring of the sites you've visited and won't raise alarms on traditional filtering software.

What does OfficeSurfer do?

OfficeSurfer acts as a reformatting proxy, taking requests for URL's (such as http://www.espn.com), and proxying to them. As pages are returned, they are reformatted to use the correct URL's for returning through OfficeSurfer. OfficeSurfer also obfuscates (disguises) the destination addresses so that a casual inspection of the URL will not reveal the address.

How do I password-protect OfficeSurfer?

If you want to make sure that only you (or other specified users) can access OfficeSurfer, use the following steps:

1) Use the Manage >> Setup search tab link and add the following shared areas:

c:\program files\badblue\pe\http:\\
c:\program files\badblue\pe\https:\\

substituting the folder where you installed BadBlue if it was not c:\program files\badblue\pe\). For instance, use c:\program files\badblue\ee\ for Enterprise Edition.

2) If you've never defined users before, use the Manage >> Define users link to create one or more user accounts in BadBlue; if you've already defined users, you can skip this step.

3) Use the Manage >> Password-protect files link and select both shared areas (defined in step 1, above) as password-protected.

For more information on password-protecting files, see the Password-protection FAQ page. Note: you can only manage your copy of BadBlue when you're physically at the PC or when you have been designated a remote administrator.

What are my responsibilities?

It's up to you to use OfficeSurfer responsibly. We recommend that you use it on your own time (such as a lunch break) and for sites that do not violate company policy. For instance, if you're a researcher and need unfettered access to the Internet to do your job, this may be a solution for you. Or if you're receiving work-related email at a personal web-mail account, OfficeSurfer might be able to help. Remember: you're solely responsible for your activities and you should read and understand the BadBlue End User License Agreement (EULA) if you have questions about liabilities, responsibilities, etc.