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I want to develop PHP pages. How can BadBlue help?

PHP is one of the fastest and easiest web application serving technologies... and most PHP-related technologies are freely available. BadBlue is a great way to learn, develop or deploy PHP applications. And because the core BadBlue server is only about 75 Kb in size, it's one of the smallest PHP-capable web servers ever developed. You can get started running PHP with BadBlue in (literally) seconds.

  • Tutorial: Installing PHP
  • Tutorial: Writing your first PHP script

  • How Installation Works
  • Can I see some PHP examples of forms?
  • Which built-in (CGI) variables are supported?
  • How can I get MySQL and PHP running?
  • How can I read Excel, Word or Access data easily?
  • How can I protect my scripts before I distribute them?

  • Which books are helpful in learning more about PHP?
  • Other PHP Resources
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