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How do I get started with PHP?
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How do I get started with PHP?

New! Starting with BadBlue 1.7.7, BadBlue includes a PHP Installation Wizard that steps you through the PHP setup process.

BadBlue's PHP Installation Wizard

The PHP Installation Wizard (inset) is available on the Help tab and steps you through the setup of PHP.

A "Test PHP support" menu option is also provided so that you can immediately see the results of the installation process.

Manual PHP installation instructions

If you would like to manually configure PHP, the following instructions step you through the process (from downloading to setting up a test page):

  • If you don't already have it, download BadBlue.
  • Download one of the PHP Win32 Binaries (either the installer or the ZIP file). When installing or unzipping the Win32 Binary version of PHP, note the folder to which PHP is installed. Remember to copy a PHP INI file (e.g., php.ini-dist) to the Windows directory and rename it php.ini.
  • Stop the BadBlue service.
  • Edit the BadBlue EXT.INI file (usually in the directory c:\program files\badblue\pe) by adding the lines:
    making sure that the path to PHP.EXE is correct.
  • Start the BadBlue service.
  • Test BadBlue's PHP support by saving a test page (see below for a sample) in the directory where BadBlue is stored (e.g., as c:\program files\badblue\pe\hello.php). Type the name of your site with the file name (e.g.,


    <title>BadBlue/PHP Test Page</title>
    <!- Save this to the BadBlue directory as a PHP file...
    e.g., c:\program files\badblue\pe\hello.php -->

    <body bgcolor="#CCDDEE" text="#000000">

    <font face=verdana size=2><br>
    $t = "<b>BadBlue and PHP both say Hello!</b><br>";

    echo("<br>Today is ".date("F j, Y, g:i a")."<br>");


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