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Upload FAQ

What are 'uploads'?

Uploads are file transfers to your BadBlue server from remote users (as opposed to users copying files - or downloading - from your machine). Users can upload to a BadBlue server once you've defined an uploads folder.

How do I allow uploads?

Simply define an uploads folder: click on the Manage tab, then Setup folders tab. Create a folder named uploads at a location on your PC where you wish files to be transferred. Users will now be able to upload files to your computer.

How do users upload files to my PC?

Users can click on the Folders tab and then press the Upload a file button. They will be prompted to choose a file from their computer to send to the BadBlue server.

Do I need to password-protect the Uploads folder?

Yes! It is important that you immediately password-protect the uploads folder. Once you've defined users (using the Manage >> Define users menu), click on Manage >&g; Password-protect files and add the uploads folder to the list of protected areas. This will allow only authorized users to view the files that have been uploaded, which can be important from a security perspective.

Can users have their own areas for uploads?

Yes! [New feature] If you would like users to have secure upload/download capability in their own folders - keeping their files separate from one another - you can simply change BadBlue's upload type.

How do I change the upload type?

Click on Manage >> Setup folders tab and scroll down to the Your upload settings section. Note the choices of:

All uploads to one folder
Each user has a folder

Select the second choice and press the Save changes button.

How does security work in this mode?

Security works automatically when each user has their own folder. Users will be prompted to login when attempting to upload - and their files will be sent to their own folders underneath the uploads folder. Each subfolder will be given the login name of the user who is uploading.

Note that only users who have been defined from the Manage tab (or exist as a valid Windows users on the BadBlue system) will be permitted to login and upload files.

Setting the maximum allowed size of the Uploads folder

The file EXT.INI allows the administrator to configure a maximum size for the "uploads" virtual directory. The physical folder to which "uploads" refers has a default maximum size of 100M bytes. In other words, once the total size of all files in the "uploads" directory exceeds 100 megabytes, users will receive an "access denied" error message.

To increase or decrease the maximum size permitted in the "uploads" folder, modify the EXT.INI file's [SHARED] section as follows:


This example doubles the allowed maximum size of the folder, raising it from 100M bytes to 200M bytes. Ensure that if a 'SHARED' section already exists in the EXT.INI file that the 'maxsize' line is copied into that section rather than creating an additional 'SHARED' section.

It is important to specify a maximum allowed size for the uploads area to prevent a 'denial of service' attack. That is, an attacking system could overwhelm the host by filling up its hard disk with meaningless data.

Important security note: if you are running BadBlue on the Internet and wish to configure the system for "All uploads to one folder" (see above for upload types), we strongly recommend that the uploads folder is password-protected. Without password protection, hackers may be able to upload "trojan horse" attack files and then execute them. Password protection allows any user to upload files to you, but they can not download without authenticating (Read more about password-protecting your folders).