Experience the power of easy file sharing with BadBlue peer-to-peer products for home and business Excel web sharing: Share Spreadsheets over the Web - Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively - Guaranteed!
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Turn a PC into a web server and share photos, movies, videos and music/MP3 files securely, free. BadBlue supports slide-shows, photo albums, file/music search, folder explorer, uploads and downloads, free domain-name support - and much more. And it's much easier to use than FTP or almost any other server. DOWNLOAD NOW. Share photos, music, videos - free

Powerful File Sharing for Office...

BadBlue Enterprise Edition is the the easy way to collaborate on spreadsheets... its powerful Excel sharing works over the web: users only need browsers to view and edit workbooks, even those with charts! With instant Word and Access web publishing, it's finally easy to collaborate securely with co-workers. ORDER NOW. Faster, easier collaboration and document sharing
Share spreadsheets over the Internet with BadBlue's Excel-web exclusive sharing features BadBlue's award-winning Excel sharing features are the first practical way to share spreadsheets securely over the web. Try out Excel sharing with free Personal Edition or order Enterprise Edition now. You'll get instant electronic delivery, a great price, a year of free upgrades, and a money-back guarantee, so ORDER NOW.

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For home users, find out how to turn your photos into web slide-shows or albums instantly. How to control access to your files with password protection. How to share music and videos automatically. Even how to access your PC from anywhere using a free domain name.

For business users, find out how to share Excel, Word and Access files over the web. How to set up downloading and uploading, which is much easier than FTP. How to search other computers for their shared files (peer-to-peer). How to run PHP, Perl, ASP and other web applications -- easily.

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