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Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Is A Jim Crow Confederate, According to Biden
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BREAKING: Elon Musk voices support for Canadian truckers protesting Trudeau's vaccine mandates   thepostmillennial 

Exclusive: Border Patrol Agent Blows Whistle on Biden's Failed Immigration Policies   saraacarter 

The High Cost of Disparaging Natural Immunity to Covid - WSJ   wsj 

Exclusive: Yuma authorities say processing center emptied before Sec Mayorkas visit   saraacarter 

BREAKING: 'Squad' member Rep. Cori Bush's vehicle struck by gunfire in St. Louis   thepostmillennial 

DANES DITCH MASKS: Denmark Ends COVID Restrictions, PM Says ‘Getting Back to Life as We Knew it'   hannity 

Can American Cars Be Made Safer for Pedestrians?   governing 

Senior Obama Admin Official Calls Senator Sinema 'C***,' 'Trash' for Filibuster Vote   townhall 

Abortionist Leah Torres Caught Using Rusty, Unsanitary Instruments on Women During Abortions -   lifenews 

TRUCK YEAH: Canada Forms Freedom Convoy of 10K Trucks to Protest Vax Mandates, ‘Overreach is Over’   hannity 

BEA Release, Fourth Quarter GDP Grew 6.9 Percent, or Did It? - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Germany joins France and UK to tackle English Channel Muslim migrant people-smugglers   jihad 

Sen. Manchin: Sen. Sanders doesn’t represent majority of Americans   oann 

‘NO WOKE ACTIVISTS’: Hawley Warns Biden on SCOTUS Pick — If You Go Woke, ‘Expect a Major Battle’   hannity 

Barry Cryer: an incomparable comic - spiked   spiked-online 

Florida nurse and army veteran dies suddenly from Covid   newsau 

Report: McConnell Could Block Biden From Replacing Justice Breyer On Supreme Court   thegreggjarrett 

Russia warns of US relationship with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

State Supreme Courts strike down mask mandates across the country   oann 

We’ll fight mandatory Covid vaccines in the courts, say NHS staff facing sack   telegrph 

KID ROCK DROPS ‘LET’S GO BRANDON’ ANTHEM: Anti-Biden Banger Already Topping iTunes Charts   hannity 

Justice Stephen Breyer Leaves Behind a Radical Pro-Abortion Legacy, He Won't be Missed -   lifenews 

Biden has taxpayers sponsoring midnight flights of illegals all over country   wnd 

Pro-Life Leaders Blast Mitt Romney for Voting for Pro-Abortion FDA Nominee Robert Califf -   lifenews 

‘I Think She’s A C*nt’: Ex-Obama Aide Goes On Expletive-Filled Rant Against Kyrsten Sinema   caller 

Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill Dunks On The Army For Quoting Lana Del Rey   caller 

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Husband Accuses Iranian Dissident of Islamophobia   jihad 

Another Georgia Poll Puts Democrats in Five-Alarm Fire Territory – RedState   redstate 

South Carolina Senate Panel Passes Bill to Ban All Abortions -   lifenews 

Sweden decides against recommending COVID vaccines for kids aged 5-12   reuters 

Germany agrees to axe Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine –   euractiv 

Meltdown in Georgia: Black voter disapproval of Biden quadruples – HotAir   hotair 

Exposed: Biden has been releasing illegal immigrants into country since LAST SPRING   rumble 

Shehnaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla: What we can learn from Shehnaaz Gill about coping with loss - Times of India   intimes 

Media, Diplomats Still Silent Over Hamas' Violent Evictions of Dozens in Gaza   honestreporting 

The Houthis Belong on the Terrorist List: The 'Humanitarian Crisis' Manipulation   gatestone 

Denmark Scraps All COVID Restrictions - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

China cautions US over standoff with Russia — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State - South Carolina   538 

America helps UAE intercept two ballistic missiles over Abu Dhabi fired by Iran-backed Houthis   jihad 

Canadian 'freedom' truckers massive vaccine mandate protest convoy may smash world record   fox 

WH 'Smoke and Mirrors' Explanation About Illegal Alien Releases Gets Blown Away by New Video – RedState   redstate 

Three American Iran Nuke Deal negotiators quit talks over weak stance of Biden administration   jihad 

'People in Ukraine are ready for war': Kyiv residents speak on Russia tensions   euronews 

Denmark to lift nearly ALL Covid restrictions and return to 'life as we knew it before corona'   dailymail 

Top Democratic Lawmaker Calls On Pete Buttigieg To Prevent Carjacking   caller 

DHS under fire: FOIA request exposes covert operations to move illegal migrants from border to other states – HotAir   hotair 

SiriusXM to launch 'Neil Young Radio' after he parts ways with Spotify   thehill 

Ben Roethlisberger retires from NFL after 18-year career with Steelers   usa 

Asking about male inmates in women's jails isn't transphobic   specuk 

The University of Kansas offers a class called "Angry White Male Studies"   notthebee 

out Police and Defund the Dems Now!   thinker 

Arizona bill would allow legislature to overturn election results   thehill 

The move to @rumblevideo is real. Getting more and more messages like this   rumble 

Sen. Tuberville: Biden can’t get his priorities straight   oann 

Denmark To Drop COVID-19 Restrictions, Welcome Back ‘Life We Knew Before’   caller 

Democrats Prove Once Again They Are The 'Party Of Women' In Profane Rant Against Sen. Sinema - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Clyburn calls for full-court press on voting rights   thehill 

The Left Claims a Tennessee School Board Banned a Holocaust Book; Fact-check: False – RedState   redstate 

Tennessee bill proposes relocating migrants to Biden's and Psaki's hometowns   fox 

Politico: Man, we could use a foul-mouth, insult-tossing president about now – HotAir   hotair 

Some Much Overlooked Facts Unravel the Emotional Neil Young/Spotify Squabble – RedState   redstate 

The 'Afterlives' of German Colonialism in East Africa - Consortium News   consortiumnews 

Leaked Video Shows Biden 'Hush-Hush' Illegal Alien Flights 'Betraying the American People' – RedState   redstate 

Biden cuts off America’s supply of monoclonal antibodies – only “vaccines” allowed   newstarget 

Covid vaccine: Pfizer booster side effects may include bullous pemphigoid   express 

Palestinians Continue Boycott of Israeli Military Courts - Consortium News   consortiumnews 

CNN's Jim Acosta Says Republican-Led Virginia Is A ‘Soviet-Style Police State’ - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

‘The View’ Hosts Shut Down Guest For Saying Biden Should Apologize For Calling Doocy A ‘Son Of A B****’ - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Justin Trudeau Calls 45-Mile-Long Truckers Convoy Small and Fringe, and He Is Dead Wrong – RedState   redstate 

Emmitt Smith, UNT-Dallas celebrate opening of new center in southern Dallas   dallas 

Iran's Khamenei praises French Holocaust-denier   jpost 

Republicans Introduce Bill Stop Illegal Migrants from Using Arrest Warrants as ID at Airports   human 

Bill Kristol Joins in the Hilarious Conspiracy Theory Group on VP Harris and SCOTUS – RedState   redstate 

Joe Biden Filibustered and Voted Against Nomination of a Black Woman – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Mazie Hirono: I want a justice who won't base her decisions solely on law – HotAir   hotair 

Biden reaffirms pledge to nominate Black woman to Supreme Court   thehill 

Sweden decides against vax for kids 5 to 12   substack 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Russia warns of NATO nuclear threat — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

The Washington Post’s Public Relations For CAIR   jihad 

Report: Workers ‘living in pain’ at Amy’s Kitchen factory   sfgate 

Leaked Video Illegal Aliens Disembarking Secret Flight - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

European NATO source: De-escalation with Russia is possible ‘tomorrow’ –   euractiv 

France investigates possible second blast at Dakar rally in Saudi - French radio   reuters 

No Way Justin Trudeau Can Possibly Stop The ‘Trucker Freedom Convoy’   cfp 

Biden cancels lease renewals for proposed Minnesota mine - Washington Times   times 

BOOM! Winsome Sears takes PolitiFact to the WOODSHED for calling her a liar –   twitchy 

South Dakota Cop Goes Viral for Delivering DoorDash Order   mediaite 

Dem Political Consultant Pleads Guilty to Murder-for-Hire Scheme - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Chris VanSant Discusses The Rules Of Engagement, Reveals The Mission To Get Saddam Hussein Was Originally A ‘Kill Mission’   caller 

Westminster must resist Sturgeon's Covid power grab   telegrph 

Pesticide misuse suspected in deaths of two children in Germany   euronews 

3 Houston Police Officers Wounded After Chase, Shootout – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth   cbslocal 

The Bloom Is off The Ruse, White House Port Manipulation Hiding Economic and Supply Chain Issues - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Art Spiegelman Blasts School District For Banning Book Maus   mediaite 

“Russian money has compromised the UK” claims report to Joe Biden   express 

‘Lies Through Her Teeth’: DeSantis Calls Out Psaki’s Statements On Florida’s Handling Of COVID-19   caller 

The UN's Role in Aiding and Abetting Illegal Immigration @BensmanTodd   cis 

Howard Stern: 'I Don't Like Censorship,' but Neil Young was Right to Push Blacklist Against Joe Rogan   breitbart 

‘What’s happening here?’ Biden’s mask #science again gets called into question –   twitchy 

Police clash with Palestinian rioters in snowy East Jerusalem; 4 arrested   timesofisrael 

Rep. Cori Bush's car hit by gunfire in St. Louis   fox 

`Defund the police' advocate Cori Bush relieved no one was hurt after vehicle hit by gunfire   bizpacreview 

The Minneapolis hospitality industry is hurting, but how bad is it? - American Experiment   americanexperiment 

Nearly 1 in 5 lawmakers own tech stocks targeted by antitrust bill, analysis shows - Washington Times   times 

AL-JOE-BRA: Biden Celebrates ‘Fastest Economic Growth Since 1984’ While Inflation at 40-Year High   hannity 

Rep. Tenney calls for Biden's impeachment after covert migrant flights revealed   fox 

Philly Gun Violence Resource List – CBS Philly   cbslocal 

EXCLUSIVE: 'He is hungry, isolated, cold': Parent of Ohio U student sounds alarm on quarantine dorm experience   campusreform 

In tears, Knesset speaker recites mourner's Kaddish in German parliament   timesofisrael 

Father of slain TV reporter announces bid for US House in Virginia   thehill 

FREEDOM OVER FAUCI: DeSantis Selling Fauci Flip Flops, ‘He Flips. He Flops. But He Can’t Stop Freedom in Florida.’ – The First TV   thefirsttv 

America couldn’t defend Ukraine even if it wanted to — RT Op-ed   rt 

Get Angry at Those Who Refuse to Recognize that Natural Immunity – PJ Media   pjmedia 

BLM DC complains about shot police officer being treated as heroes   lawenforcementtoday 

UK Enables Cameroon’s Abusive Dictatorship - Consortium News   consortiumnews 

Hansen: Capitol Offense - The Ugly Truth Behind The Five Deaths From January 6th and 7th   gateway 

Rapid Antigen Test: Pharmacists sound alarm over ‘free’ RATs   newsau 

Conservative Talk Host Dan Bongino Permanently Banned by YouTube   legalins 

Texas doctors condemn closure of Dallas clinic for transgender children   dallas 

Those who preside over our courts should reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. #C   catoinstitute 

their colors!   thinker 

Texas synagogue attack reveals Biden's neglect of homeland security - Washington Times   times 

Conservative states urge justices to review Maryland assault weapons ban   thehill 

2 More Witnesses at Ashli Babbitt Shooting Identified   theepochtimes 

Space Helmet Prof Who Called Students ‘Vectors of Disease’ Sues University for Suspending Him   legalins 


Navy Discharges 23 Sailors Over COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal   human 

ICE agents forced to coordinate travel for illegal immigrants, some with criminal records: source   fox 

Police Find Five People Shot In DC Hotel On Major Street   caller 

`Freedom over Fauci': DeSantis tells flip-flopping Fauci to `pound sand' in devastating campaign ad   bizpacreview 

Jussie Smollett to be sentenced March 10 for lying to police   ap 

Americans to Biden: Don't run U.S. into Ukraine war   wnd 

quits academia, cites `woke madness'   thecollegefix 

BUH BYE: Neil Young DEMANDS Spotify choose between his music or Joe Rogan — Spotify obliges - TheBlaze   blaze 

Stephanie Ruhle Spars with GOP Congressman Pete Sessions   mediaite 

Ron DeSantis Releases New Ad Against Anthony Fauci - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Here's the full analysis   hayom 

Attempt to repeal Virginia gun control laws dies in state Senate –   bearingarms 


US Army soldier dies on base in Alaska 

Report: 5,000-plus deaths under Ethiopia's #Tigray blockade   abc 

Mr. President, Stay Out of Ukraine - The American Conservative   theamericanconservative 

Wis. speaker pushes bill to add more drop boxes   rumble 

Americans Notice Free Covid Tests Aren't Made in America - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Man who stabbed police canine, is wanted in murder father caught   lawenforcementtoday 

Bioscientists Have Identified a “Stealth Omicron” Sub-Variant   legalins 

Why the GOP should sit out the SCOTUS confirmation fight – HotAir   hotair 

New Attacks on Joe Rogan & a Massive Conservative YouTuber Banned   rumble 

Democrats In Congress Too Liberal, Most Voters Believe - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Biden Went Shopping The Other Day, And What He Brought Back Is Hilariously Embarrassing   notthebee 

Joe Biden’s “Minor Incursion” Russia Remark: History Proves It Was a Mistake   heritage 


Pennsylvania lawmakers seek to put teeth in preemption law –   bearingarms 

Joe Biden admits his SCOTUS nominee will be an affirmative action pick The Right Scoop   scoop 

White House Confirms Biden Will Choose Black Woman For Supreme Court - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Palin dines outdoors at NY restaurant after positive COVID-19 test   thehill 

Pre-crime has arrived in China "As western politicians sip tea with Xi Jinping in the hopes of   specuk 

Mazie Hirono Demonstrates, Once Again, Why Democrats Choosing Justices Is a Bad Idea – RedState   redstate 

300,000 Brits Have 'Stealth' Heart Condition That Could Kill Them 'In 5 Years,' Researchers Say - National File   nationalfile 

YouTube Bans ANOTHER Conservative Commentator   human 

Russia sees 'little ground for optimism' in US response on Ukraine crisis   euronews 

Jeff Garcia Says Mina Kimes Shouldn’t Talk About Football Because She’s ‘Never’ Thrown A Touchdown Pass   caller 

WATCH: Ron DeSantis Destroys Tony Fauci In New Ad   cdn 

11J: A turning point in the repression of evangelicals in Cuba – Babalú Blog   babalu 


Biden WH, other Dems go above-and-beyond the call of gaslighting duty to convince us how great the economy’s doing –   twitchy 

Canada in 'revolt': Joe Rogan on the trucker convoy protesting Trudeau's vaccine mandates   thepostmillennial 

There Is No Further Point   ticker 

NY Governor puts liberal Manhattan DA "on notice" – HotAir   hotair 

Le Pen’s climate programme: pro-nuclear and pro-hydrogen, but anti-wind –   euractiv 

Democrats Shift Resources Amid Concern Of Republican House Pickups. New Jersey’s Reps Appear Extra Vulnerable   caller 

Chicago Fire FC eyes Near West Side site for new training facility   chibiz 

Lawrence Jones vows to keep it real for his new Fox News show: `I'm too country to try and be fancy'   bizpacreview 

2 solo exhibits look back on Jewish communities lost to Holocaust   timesofisrael 

Belarus says Russian troops will leave when exercises end   thehill 

The censor's disease of believing you can force trust is spreading   substack 

Director of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation: No randomized studies prove masks stop COVID-19   rumble 


60 Years of Bond Theme Songs, Part 004 of 007 – PJ Media   pjmedia 

State Dept: Nord Stream 2 Will Not Move Forward If Russia Invades Ukraine   max 

CBN's Caitlin Burke 'Mortified' by Jen Psaki Viral Exchange   mediaite 

Rep. Van Taylor’s rivals say Trump won, Jan. 6 no big deal, and he’s out of touch for disagreeing   dallas 

‘Right Of Attila The Hun’: ‘The View’ Hosts Launch Racial Attacks On Clarence Thomas For Being Conservative   caller 

New California Tax Proposal Would Drive More People Away   cityjrnl 

3 Houston cops shot after pursuit into Third Ward   chron 

Pentagon reveals which US military units are preparing to deploy near Ukraine 

UK data finds booster shots offer 95% protection against Omicron deaths   timesofisrael 

Newly Released Police Video Shows Federal Contractors Flying Illegal Immigrants Into New York Airport - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

San Francisco announces changes to indoor mask mandate   sfgate 

Robinhood posts $423 mln net loss, shares sink after hours   reuters 


Anti-vaccine Canada truckers roll toward Ottawa, praised by Tesla's Musk   reuters 

Biden's DOJ Thinks BLM Criminals Deserve Lesser Sentences – PJ Media   pjmedia 

New Jersey Gym Owner Sentenced to Probation - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

ALERT: Journalists Are Actively Spreading Misinformation - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Camilla one of the 'most popular' royals after learning 'everything' from Philip   express 

Putin doesn't need to test Biden, they are collaborating since 2913-14 to sabotage democracy in Ukraine   drrichswier 

Getting lost: Yet more delays to Space Force protected GPS program   breakingdefense 

Hawley predicts Biden will go with radical left on future justice, hopes GOP ready to fight for Constitution   bizpacreview 

Drug Suspect Claimed Bag Of Syringes Was "For Fishing," Police Report   tsg 

The tale of why mask mandates don't apply at Rams games   sfgate 

Greek premier in hot water over snowstorm impact — RT World News   rt 

Here's Why Jim Acosta is Perfect for Chris Cuomo CNN Slot   mediaite 

Breyer: I’m Retiring, But Only When My Successor Is Confirmed   legalins 

UCLA gymnastics stood united against racial injustice, then was ripped apart by it   latimes 

NY to celebrate Jan 26 as India's R-Day, gov says world changed for better as India became Republic in 1950 - Times of India   intimes 

Biden: Dems Will Filibuster Janice Rogers Brown   freerep 

Germany shamed by Klitschko as huge UK support revealed 'It's a joke!'   express 

EU news: Pressure building as Truss jets overseas for crunch Brexit talks   express 

Priti Patel news: Home Secretary admits illegal policy to seize Channel migrants’ phones   express 

Close to half the households of Czech seniors suffer from energy poverty –   euractiv 

Iran-Backed Militias Escalate Attacks on US, United Arab Emirates   dailysignal