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Nicholas Latifi to leave Williams at the end of the year following disastrous season
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Dan Bongino spots a DeSantis endorsement that’s going to make libs & media ‘lose their marbles’ –   twitchy 

VEEP TROUBLE: Watch Kamala DODGE Question on Her Equity-Based Disaster Relief Comment   hannity 

Texts: Milwaukee Mayor Colludes With Dems To Rig 2022 Election   thefederalist 

'HARRIS A NORTH KOREA SYMPATHIZER': Trump TORCHES Kamala at Michigan Rally   hannity 

STRONG DON, WEAK JOE: Majority of GOP Want Trump 2024, Only One-Third of Dems Want Biden   hannity 

WHITE HOUSE CHAOS: Kamala Says Hurricane Relief Will Be Prioritized for ‘Communities of Color’ – The First TV   thefirsttv 

Widdecombe warns Truss to brace for rebellion as she warns PM to beware of 'plotter' Gove   express 

Supreme Court declines to hear MyPillow CEO appeal in defamation case   thehill 

France: Mosque accused of incitement against Jews, gays and women   jihad 

CROOKED HILLARY'S COMEBACK? Two-Time Failure Weighing 2024 Run, Ex-Adviser Says   hannity 

'Trickle down' economics — the oldest myth from the oldest president   washexam 

Did the FBI just get away with the BIGGEST armed robbery in US history? - TheBlaze   blaze 

Emails: Michael Bloomberg Tried To Meddle In PA Election   thefederalist 

Epic Video Montage of Dems Denying Election Results Is Quickly Censored by YouTube – RedState   redstate 

NYT Story: Herschel Walker Doesn't Count As 'Part of the Black Community'   townhall 

The United Nations Claims to "Own the Science" of Climate Change, Works With Google to Censor Dissent – RedState   redstate 

Joe Biden’s 'Where’s Jackie?' Moment Takes a More Concerning Turn – RedState   redstate 

CNN host tries to paint Rubio as hypocrite over hurricane funding — but the attempt quickly fails - TheBlaze   blaze 

The Mark Steyn Show - live Monday to Thursday!   steyn 

Markets cheer Bolsonaro's strong showing in Brazil vote   reuters 

'WE ARE A SECOND AMENDMENT STATE': DeSantis Issues Stern Warning to Looters   hannity 

Migrants in sanctuary city offered free ride to Florida, promised hurricane cleanup work - TheBlaze   blaze 

Harry Styles gave a shoutout to Beto O’Rourke at his show in Austin   thehill 

Kremlin takes distance from Kadyrov’s call to use nuclear bomb in Ukraine –   euractiv 

Illegals jump on private planes and busses to hurricane zone to escape detection · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

If Google Bans News For The World's Rulers, Elections Are A Scam   thefederalist 

Kamala Harris Suggests Hurricane and Disaster Relief Should Be Based on Race   rumble 

EXCLUSIVE: Senate Committee Successfully Verifies All Bobulinski Materials Reviewed To Date   caller 

Horowitz: It’s time to strip down the FBI to bare bones - TheBlaze   blaze 

Hollywood’s Latest Box Office Bomb Is Your Fault, According to Billy Eichner  – RedState   redstate 

Ron DeSantis Schools CNN Reporter Pushing Misleading Hurricane Narrative – RedState   redstate 

DeSantis turns tables on CNN reporter stirring up evac order hype: 'Were you guys in Lee County?' · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

‘Star Wars’ Actor Appears To Endorse Former Brazilian President Lula Da Silva’s Comeback Bid   caller 

Obama Judge Hands Stacey Abrams Defeat In Her Georgia Voting Rights Lawsuit, She Declares Victory Anyway - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

OPEC’S Expected Cut In Production Underscores Biden’s Dangerous War on the Oil Industry – RedState   redstate 

Satanic Temple Files Lawsuit to Overturn Idaho Abortion Ban -   lifenews 

Federal government targeted dissenting news organizations, got them censored on social media   jihad 

U.S. military kills wanted Shabaab leader in airstrike in Somalia   longwarjournal 

Hurricane Ian: Fort Myers Black residents suffering amid devastation   usa 

Joy Reid's Attempt to Smear DeSantis As a Racist Backfires in a Spectacular Way   townhall 

The Real Reason Mandates Are Wrong   theepochtimes 

SPEAKER OF THE TRUTH: 'Republicans Will Gain Seats in Senate and the House'   hannity 

BILLY ON DEFEAT: Eichner Blames 'Homophobic Weirdos' for LGBTQ Rom-Com Bomb   hannity 

Biden, Democrats plan to pour millions into school model connected to Critical Race Theory https   bizpacreview 

How Dr. Fauci Hoarded Millions During the COVID Pandemic   townhall 

Sweden sends diving vessel to probe leaking Nord Stream pipelines   reuters 

New British PM Truss calls herself a 'huge Zionist'   timesofisrael 

Gulf gulp: OPEC+ plans "historic" cut in oil production – HotAir   hotair 

GOP senator’s ad: ‘If you hate cops … next time you’re in trouble, call a crackhead’   thehill 

Access to this page has been denied.   ibd 

‘Showing Their True Self’: Biden Admin Empowers Teachers Unions To Push Gender Ideology And Critical Race Theory   caller 

PATRICK LAWRENCE: The Strong, and the Merely Powerful – Consortium News   consortiumnews 

Medical Students Denounce the Scientific Method's Superiority and Promise to Defeat White Supremacy – RedState   redstate 

Poland officially demands $1.3 trillion in World War II damages from Germany   timesofisrael 

Sweden sends special diving vessel to area of pipeline leaks   thehill 

U.S. Supreme Court opens new term with a fresh face and environmental case   reuters 

Russian nuclear military train is seen on the move in 'possible warning to the West'    dailymail 

U.N. Calls On Fed, Other Central Banks to Halt Interest-Rate Increases - WSJ   wsj 

Biden thanks USCG swimmer being kicked out over vaccine mandate 

Iran's supreme leader blames Israel, US in first public comment on protests   timesofisrael 

I'm voting for DeSantis and I'm a Democrat The Right Scoop   scoop 

Harry Styles endorses Beto O'Rourke for Texas governor at Austin show   chron 

Army punishing soldiers for seeking religious exception to vaxx mandate: 'Technique of coercion'   bizpacreview 

Ukraine Claws Back More Territory in Southern Kherson Region - The Yeshiva World   ywn 

Justices shield spouses’ work from potential conflict of interest disclosures - POLITICO   politico 

Finally! Less healthy Twinkies. Introducing "Bouncers," the latest in packaged food science.   notthebee 

Planned Parenthood Trying To Pull A Fast One   cfp 

Scientists describe a little-known Bay Area earthquake fault   sfgate 

SF Fleet Week mainstay the Blue Angels have a deadly history   sfgate 

Is The Fed About To Destroy America?   ticker 

Major Iran university suspends classes after security forces clash with students   timesofisrael 

Omar Holding Secret Fundraisers with Islamic Groups Tied to Terror   beacon 

I'm not buying this. This is designed to deflate #conservative enthusiasm to vote   538 

The Brief — Reflection day –   euractiv 

Beserkeley Goes Full Nazi, Bans Pro-Israel Speakers   frontpagemag 

Wow, Dr. Oz is even more of a quack than originally thought! For real, read this story. It's nuts   wapo 

In bid to battle inflation, Bank of Israel hikes interest to highest rate in 11 years   timesofisrael 

One America News Secures Television Premiere of Election Integrity Film “2000 Mules” – One America News Network   oann 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Rise of the "far right?" No – HotAir   hotair 

Oath Keepers trial: ‘Armed rebellion’ plan, prosecutor says   thehill 

13 Reasons Most People Will Never Go Vegan   thefederalist 

5 out of 11 University of Georgia humanities departments have zero Republican professors: survey vi   thecollegefix 

Shabaab conducts triple suicide bombing in central Somalia   longwarjournal 

Ret. Vice Adm. slams Biden admin for kicking people out over vaccine 

NYT explores Herschel Walker’s lack of hometown black community cred –   twitchy 

Planned Parenthood Votes rolls out six-figure ad buy targeting Johnson on abortion   thehill 

Dear Hollywood, Your Movie Didn't Fail Because America Is Bigoted – RedState   redstate 

On Coast Guard Flight Over Battered Florida Coast, Massive Damage Is Evident   military 

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla in Dunfermline   dailymail 

New Hampshire to send National Guard to patrol the southern border - Washington Times   times 


Head of Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant has been released, IAEA chief says   reuters 

ICYMI: Full Measure Cover Story: The Right to Food movement   fullmeasure 

Murder probe launched in Slough after cyclist, 21, is chased down and killed following crash   dailymail 

Marco Rubio Shreds CNN And Democrats On Disaster Relief   caller 

New SNL Cast Member Michael Longfellow Has Trump Daddy Issues   caller 

Nearly half of the country now has serious doubts about the FBI. Here’s why   thehill 

Monday 'Toon: Why Does Mitch McConnell Want to Be Sen. Minority 'Leader'? – RedState   redstate 

Major Scientific Publisher Retracts More Than 500 Papers   theepochtimes 

J.P. MORGAN: Oil Prices to Continue to Rise Above $100/BBL – One America News Network   oann 

Hispanics Make a 21% Shift to Republicans, Walk Away From Pro-Abortion Democrats -   lifenews 

Iranian Supreme Leader: US and Jews Behind Mass Protests   beacon 

Hurricane Orlene lashes Mexico's Pacific coast   timesofisrael 

John Fetterman: It's Not About Kicking Balls in the Authority   rumble 

Maher: Dems Could Take Unpopular Kamala Harris Off The Ticket, But "They Are So Boxed In By Identity Politics"   rcp 

Singapore Uses Bright Colored Signs to Created a Dementia-Friendly Neighborhood – LOOK   goodnewsnetwork 

2% de posibilidades.   538 

Turkish women must fight for a place in politics, expert says –   euractiv 

Democrats Allegedly Wouldn’t Look Fox News’ Bill Melugin In The Eye When Pushed On Border Crisis   caller 

2021 photo used to claim DeSantis is 'bending the knee' to Biden over disaster relief   bizpacreview 

Whoopi Goldberg puts public pressure on Emmett Till's accuser to 'admit what she did'   bizpacreview 

China trying to censor US banks ahead of Communist Party meeting: WSJ 

'As the sun came up, we started rolling': US military veteran group conducting Florida rescue operations - TheBlaze   blaze 

Apple loses second bid to challenge Qualcomm patents at U.S. Supreme Court   reuters 

Voters Against Obscene Books in Public Schools - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Oath Keepers trial begins in highest profile Jan. 6 case to date - POLITICO   politico 

Axios: Don't look now, but GOP has the Senate momentum – HotAir   hotair 

Government Worker Shortages Worsen Crisis Response   governing 

Is the US State Department taking Jerusalem out of Israel again?   elderofziyon 

Coolio steered clear of drugs and alcohol   dailymail 

He'll send them to a Russian gas station. Daddy's TikTok Troops   threadreaderapp 

At first EU-Israel council meeting in a decade, Borrell highlights 'frank' concerns   timesofisrael 

Tennessee universities refuse comment on how they will implement new intellectual diversity law   thecollegefix 

WATCH: Kamala Harris Confronted About Her Hurricane Relief 'Equity' Comments – PJ Media   pjmedia 

There's one reason Nancy Pelosi still has a job   notthebee 

Starbucks, Newspaper try to shut down Senate ad - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 


Has Putin lost his milblogger propagandists   hotair 

Iran 'exchanging messages' with US, believes nuclear deal still possible   timesofisrael 

2 seriously hurt in shooting incident near Tel Aviv   timesofisrael 

EXCLUSIVE: Newly Obtained Emails Shed More Light on CDC’s False Vaccine Safety Monitoring Statements   theepochtimes 

Accelerating uptake of non-animal safety science into European chemical legislation –   euractiv 

What to expect from Mayor Lightfoot's budget speech: Hinz   chibiz 

Billion in COVID-Relief Payments Sent to Dead People by Internal Revenue Service   realclearpolicy 

Biden to announce $60M to bolster flood protections in Puerto Rico - POLITICO   politico 

Sen. Cruz ‘deeply troubled’ by perceived US pressure over Israel-Lebanon border deal -   jns 

In Latest Sign of Recession, US Manufacturing Growth Plummets to Two-Year Low - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

ERROR: The request could not be satisfied   express 

Casting agent advertises for actor to play Prince Harry in next Netflix series of The Crown    dailymail 


SCOTT RITTER: The Death List – Consortium News   consortiumnews 

Supreme Court rejects case on DOJ 'filter teams' that could have impacted Trump document fight - Washington Times   times 

Gantz pays official visit to Azerbaijan to discuss diplomatic, security ties   timesofisrael 

Thread by @boni_castellane on Thread Reader App   threadreaderapp 

By calling it a ‘cold war’ we risk containing ourselves   thehill 

Police: 2 Berkeley High students slain in Oakland shooting   sfgate 

Kilmeade: How Would The Media React If Trump Was As Confused As Biden?   rumble 

Biden's UN Border Hell Destroys America   rumble 

I Cast my GoPro into a HUGE SCHOOL a Mullet & the Footage was AWESOME!   rumble 

Swedish geneticist wins Nobel medicine prize for decoding ancient DNA   reuters 

WOWS #Michigan 2 days ago~listen in!   rcp 

They 'Own the Science,' and They Want to Control How You Access Information About It – PJ Media   pjmedia 


WaPo: Dem messaging goes "dark" as economy slows, and as Biden dances with ... – HotAir   hotair 

UK reverses, cancels tax cut for high earners – HotAir   hotair 

Tech Survey of States Highlights Growth of Data-Driven Services   governing 

Biden Admin To Woo Latin America's New Socialist Leaders - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Pre-COP27: Climate negotiations to occur amid ‘deep’ multilateralism crisis –   euractiv 

EU Commission sets member states’ expectations for next transatlantic meeting –   euractiv 

Soros Wins $41M Contract from Biden to Help Illegal Aliens Evade Deportation - Dr. Rich Swier   drrichswier 

The 'Black Hawk Down' battle took place 29 years ago 

Supreme Court to review tech companies' liability under federal law - Washington Times   times 

Biden signs bill eliminating civil statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims   thehill 

MURMURS OF CLINTON 2024: Two-Time Failure Isn’t Enough —Hillary May be Going for a Third – The First TV   thefirsttv 

Ukrainian pensioner who lost legs defies Russian occupation   reuters 


Los Angeles Unified School District Officials Squirm After Hackers Release Reams of Data – PJ Media   pjmedia 

YouTube megastar Mr. Beast claims he turned down a BILLION DOLLAR offer for his channel and company   notthebee 

Kim K fined $2million over crypto scheme - Kim K fined $2million over crypto scheme     newsau 

Susan Collins: “I wouldn’t be surprised if a senator or House member were killed” – HotAir   hotair 

ICYMI: Ben Carson discusses upcoming Midterm issues   fullmeasure 

1 Big Thing: Axios Declares War 🚨 - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

‘My vote will count’: Migrants become U.S. citizens, just in time to register to vote   dallas 

Mexico vows to appeal after US judge shoots down lawsuit against gun makers –   bearingarms 

Castro dictatorship responds with ‘brutal repression’ to peaceful protest in Cuba – Babalú Blog   babalu 

Rubio vows he will vote NO for disaster relief package in Florida with pork in it · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

Woman who enlisted migrants for flights to Martha's Vineyard IDed by media outlets - Washington Times   times 

Palestinian Authority PM expresses concern new UK PM could move embassy to Jerusalem   timesofisrael 


WWII: Poland officially seeks $1.3t from Germany, including for Jews killed by Poles   timesofisrael 

ARTISTS WANTED: Deadline approaches for $1,000 top prize in editorial cartoon contest   thecollegefix 

Unprecedented Rates of Adverse Events: We Need to Pull These Shots off the Market   rumble 

Poughkeepsie Shooting at Hotel Near Marist College Kills 1 – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Report: 30 Former FBI Agents Support Suspended Whistleblower Who Disclosed Agency’s Bias Against Conservatives   legalins 

Lost for 97 Years, Rediscovered Magnolia Tree Spurs Hope for Rediscovery in Haiti   goodnewsnetwork 

First Openly Transgender Army Officer Indicted for Trying to Give Soldiers’ Medical Info to Russia - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Experts warn the UK is ALREADY at the start of a 'devastating' Covid wave   dailymail 

EXCLUSIVE: DoD-Commerce yet to hash out review of commercial space data sharing - Breaking Defense   breakingdefense 

DeSantis spox unloads on reporter after attacks: `You're a pathetic and disgusting misogynist' ht   bizpacreview 

More signs emerge of Hillary Clinton run in 2024   bizpacreview 

CNN's Bash asks Sen. Rubio 'Why should other senators vote for hurricane relief for your state?'   bizpacreview 


Many congratulations to Svante Paabo   bbc 

Amid threats, boosted security provided to Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli   timesofisrael 

Russia says it will 'consult' locals on annexed Ukraine regions' borders   timesofisrael 

Iran's Khamenei accuses US, Israel of engineering ongoing 'riots'   timesofisrael 

Biden to announce $60 million in funding during visit to Puerto Rico   thehill 

Mary Trump: My uncle ‘revealed the Republican Party to be what it is’   thehill 

Beijing Will Know More About You Than You Do: Gettr CEO   theepochtimes 

Abortion Is Not Safer Than Childbirth, But The Left Lies About It   thefederalist 

Pastors Elect Persecuted Bishop To Preach Christianity Worldwide   thefederalist 

As Russia Threatens Nukes, The US Has Limited Options   thefederalist 

Billy Eichner blames straight people for Bros movie box office - TheBlaze   blaze 

How Taxpayers Finance Democrat Voter Registration   frontpagemag 

Nobel Prize goes to Svante Paabo for Neanderthal work   bbc 

Dozens of pure gold coins discovered in secret cache dating from Muslim conquest   timesofisrael 

Can Republicans pull off an upset in Colorado’s Senate race?   thehill 

DOE takes step to advance Defense Production Act use for clean energy   thehill 

Will you accept Justin Wilcox's rose?!   outkick 

If this drone footage doesn't make you want to see a game at Wrigley, I don't know what will   notthebee 

Here's why the US is facing a butter shortage ahead of holidays   nypost 

Somalia Says a Top al-Shabab Extremist Leader Is Killed   military 

War An Expression Of The Struggle For Political Freedom: Part I Audio of report here   memri