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How live document sharing works

BadBlue Adds Live Word Document Sharing

Ground-breaking peer-to-peer package adds live sharing of Microsoft
Word data to its capabilities

Early Trial Now Available

Atlanta, GA -- February 5, 2001 -- BadBlue (www.BadBlue.com) today
announced the availability of its significantly enhanced Personal
Edition.  The new software is a free download available at the BadBlue
web site.  Its major new capability is the ability to deliver
live Word document data over the web for collaborative, data collection
and real-time workflow purposes.

"The capability to share live Microsoft Office documents is an exciting
development and one that points the way to increased acceptance of
peer-to-peer technologies in the business environment," said Brandt
Ross, chairman and CEO.  "Early users have termed this new version a
'Napster for Office documents'.  We simply feel that facilitating the
transparent sharing of Office data is a significant advancement for our
products and confirms an ongoing trend towards peer-to-peer

How BadBlue Works

The BadBlue system transforms a client workstation into a powerful,
search-enabled web server.  BadBlue lets the user configure shared
folders and files and other personal options using any standard web
browser.  Shared documents can be viewed live in a web browser without
the requirement for download or synchronization.

Because BadBlue's entire P2P user interface is written in HTML, it
can be completely customized and tailored to its environment.  One of
the tiniest Windows-based web servers ever produced, the core BadBlue
server requires approximately 65K of space and supports many advanced
features including CGI, ISAPI, PHP and other web extensions.  In
addition, BadBlue can be configured to run as a Windows 9X or NT
service for uninterrupted operation.

Beta User Comments

Howard King, president of King Associates, is an early user of the new
version.  He stated, "The new ability for BadBlue to share live Office
data has a variety of applications for us.  In conjunction with sharing
of Excel spreadsheets, we can now get a picture into the activities of
remote personnel relating to their quoting, documentation and similar

Enterprise Edition

BadBlue indicates that it is planning on releasing an Enterprise Edition
of the product during the first quarter of 2001.  "It will support its
own flavor of access control, so that content can be selectively shared."
Ross said, "It will also support enhanced searching, file uploads and
disconnected application serving for companies with the need for mobile,
web-based applications."

BadBlue News Center     Email a Press Contact

How live document sharing works