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SCOTT RITTER: Merkel Reveals West’s Duplicity  consortiumnews 

FBI's False Labeling Of Biden Laptop As Disinfo Is Really Bad   thefederalist 

Secret Service says it 'located' more than 100 records in Hunter Biden gun case after first coming up empty   americanwirenews 

EMERGENCY MEETING EPISODE 4 - The Origins of Wudan   rumble 

Ronna McDaniel set to get new opponent for RNC post - POLITICO   politico 

Terminate. He said terminate.   abc 

Report, Harmeet Dhillon Will Challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Illinois tax rates rank No. 1: highest in U.S.   illinoispolicy 

Hunter Biden confronted about laptop drama at White House event   washexam 

Public universities that don't employ pro-Trump professors should be defunded!   thecollegefix 

Elon Musk claims his risk of his assassination is 'quite significant'   dailymail 

US Funds Arabs Who Want to Destroy Israel :: What is even more disturbing is that the hate against Israel is coming   gatestone 

‘An Unregistered Lobbying Firm’: Musk Rips NYT After Silence On ‘Twitter Files’   caller 

Should Sweden Forget About Joining NATO? - 19FortyFive   19fortyfive 

Paul Pelosi among those in attendance for Kennedy Center Honors - POLITICO   politico 

Liz Cheney seizes on Trump’s call to terminate Constitution   thehill 

This Cop Is Getting $2,500 a Month Because Killing an Unarmed Man in a Hotel Hallway Gave Him PTSD   reason 

If A Legitimate Free Press Existed, The Twitter Files Wouldn't   thefederalist 

J6 Prisoners: Zip-Tied, Beaten, Maced, Sexually Assaulted in the Night   sentinel 

Image of Harry and Meghan being stalked by paparazzi in new Netflix film really from "Harry Potter" premier   nypost 

U.S. Arms Sent to Ukraine Make Their Way to Boko Haram – PJ Media   pjmedia 

“Not Funny,” “Dangerous”: Former Twitter Censor Justifies Banning Babylon Bee – Summit News   summit 

The great Covid and fags cover-up - spiked   spiked-online 

Meet the Beijing-Aligned Group That Branded a Republican's Tough-on-China Rhetoric 'Racist' - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Bob McGrath, ‘Sesame Street’ legend, dies at 90   thehill 

Catholic bishop slams "evil woman" Hillary Clinton for remarks comparing pro-lifers to the Taliban – HotAir   hotair 

Psaki says Trump’s ‘evil charisma’ shouldn’t be underestimated     thehill 

Major advertisers back on Twitter that journos said wouldn't last the weekend a MONTH ago. The Right Scoop   scoop 

Thank Sam Bankman-Fried For Democrats' 2022 Ground Game   thefederalist 

No one voted for Rishi Sunak’s austerity - spiked   spiked-online 

DeSantis Derangement Syndrome Is Getting Stronger by the Day   nro 

Fighting and Winning in the Electromagnetic Spectrum - War on the Rocks   warontherocks 

We Shouldn't Be Promoting Voting By Mail by Hans A. von Spakovsky   amspec 

Former Global Head Of Trust And Safety At Twitter Reveals Widespead Scientific Censorship #zerohedge   zh 

Man charged after drug-infused bachelor party turns deadly - TheBlaze   blaze 

ICYMI: The energy it takes to create Bitcoin...   fullmeasure 

Does the Moral High Ground Belong to the Side That Loses More People?   honestreporting 

Netanyahu asked about Trump 2024: ‘Keep me out of it’   thehill 

Defense Secretary Austin wants to keep COVID-19 vaccine mandate for troops   justthenews 

Boom! Revealed: FBI meddled in election, warned Twitter on Hunter laptop in `weekly' meeting http   bizpacreview 

Explosion Hits Engels-2 Airbase, Russia, Reportedly Damaging At Least Two Tu-95 Bombers - The Aviationist   theaviationist 

Bulgaria fumes at Rutte’s ‘offensive’ Schengen comments –   euractiv 

5 takeaways from Cowboys-Colts: Dallas defense goes turnover crazy in blowout   dallas 

#Twitterfiles Are About Biden Family Corruption and Media Coverup   legalins 

Elon Musk Opens up About Fears for His Safety, Says Assassination Is 'Significant' Risk – RedState   redstate 

Man who jumped to death at Disneyland was Huntington Beach school principal   ocregister 

Right-wingers DROP Dem. Katherine Clark for claiming her middle child had `climate change nightmares'   twitchy 

Michael Avenatti Sentenced To 14 Years In Prison For Fraud   caller 

Disgraced laywer Michael Avenatti is sentenced to an additional 14 YEARS   dailymail 

All the latest news from Russia's war in Ukraine   euronews 

Side effects of COVID vaccines often 'psychosomatic': Israeli peer-reviewed study   timesofisrael 

Power outages in North Carolina caused by gunfire in ‘malicious’ attack     thehill 

Macron’s new security architecture opens Pandora’s Box in NATO politics –   euractiv 

Old friend Matt Bivens with thoughts on Yoel Roth, the FBI, and the Twitter Files   substack 

Baseball Hall of Fame panel sends Fred McGriff to Cooperstown   usa 

‘Zero Tolerance’: Suspension Rate Nearly Doubles For Twitter Accounts Exploiting Child Sex Abuse Materi   dailywire 

REVEALED: Feds met "regularly" with Twitter ahead of Hunter Biden laptop censorship   thepostmillennial 

More Federal Issues for Twitter as FEC Commissioner Reveals Filing Denying It Worked With Democrats – RedState   redstate 

Elon Musk slams media for `deceiving the American public' over suppression of Hunter Biden laptop story   times 

Rep. Comer launches probe into Biden energy crisis – One America News Network   oann 

16 US airports now have face scanners - here are your rights…for now 

TIKTOK TAKEDOWN! House GOP Targets Social App, Wants Ban Across Federal Government   hannity 

Sen. John Kennedy Campaigns for Herschel Walker as Only He Can – RedState   redstate 

Twittergate – The Fix Was In   jihad 

Christianity and Communism in China   jihad 

Fed to Weigh Higher Interest Rates Next Year While Slowing Rises This Month - WSJ   wsj 

How the Transgender Industry Targets Victims of Autism   thinker 

The EU wants to bring Hungary to its knees - spiked   spiked-online 

Welcome to our team Ichrom Saragih   substack 

Musk Responds to Trump: 'The Constitution Is Greater Than Any President' – RedState   redstate 

Paul Pelosi makes first DC appearance since attack   thehill 

Photo in trailer showing how Sussexes' were pursued by press was actually taken at film premiere   dailymail 

"Even Our Labor-Friendly Party Does Not Have The Stomach For The Resurgence Of Union Power"   zh 

Sen. Ernst on DNC demoting Iowa caucus: 'Dems have really given middle America the middle finger' v   americanwirenews 

Hakeem Jeffries cries everybody else was doing it when confronted on calling Trump 'illegitimate' v   americanwirenews 

Honduras to suspend constitutional rights for 30 days as part of gang crackdown - Washington Times   times 

White House opposes repealing military vaccine mandate through NDAA   thehill 

Report: Video shows coyote dragging a toddler in California   sfgate 

Relief as missing boy, 8, is found at school after desperate search   express 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Hackers linked to Chinese government STOLE $20 million in Covid relief benefits from 12 states   dailymail 

Space race 2.0: China is building weapons to attack U.S. 'ground, sea, or air targets from orbit' - Washington Times   times 

BEN SHAPIRO: So you can see why President Trump is pissed. He should be. But The Right Scoop   scoop 

To stop Putin’s atrocities and lead to peace in Ukraine, we need sustained outrage and action   thehill 

CNBC's question of the day: Say, when will the US get around to arresting Bankman-Fried? – HotAir   hotair 

Biden WH’s mega-disingenuous brag about jobs earns a much-needed fact-check flag –   twitchy 

Harris to swear in Karen Bass as first female Los Angeles mayor   thehill 

Trust in the Media Craters and Massive Layoffs Loom and the Media Blames Everything but Itself – RedState   redstate 

Authorities baffled as 2,500 dead seals found on Russia's Caspian coast   timesofisrael 

Tennessee Parents Apply To Open Five No-Politics Public Schools   thefederalist 

Can tiny homes combat homelessness in Chicago? Lightfoot's new budget follows lead of other cities   trib 

It's official: France bans short haul domestic flights in favour of train travel   euronews 

Brazil great Pele not under palliative care, daughter says   reuters 

Elon Musk's Big Mistake   townhall 

FBI warned Twitter during 'weekly' meetings of Hunter Biden 'hack-and-leak operation' before censoring The Post   nypost 

How to build the perfect holiday cookie box   usa 

Watch: Woman caught feeding fake ducks - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

TSA Seeks Input to Strengthen Rail and Pipeline Cybersecurity - HS Today   hstoday 

Rate Hikes: The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Declines #zerohedge   zh 

Elon Drops a Bombshell   rumble 

Thought Police alarm: U.S. urges you to confront friends' 'misinformation'   wnd 

Black Guns Matter Founder Comments on Biden’s Vow to Push Firearm Curbs   ntd 

California cops: We will only "rarely" send robots to kill people – HotAir   hotair 

Elon Musk Responds To Trump Calling To Suspend Parts Of Constitution   caller 

FBI Investigates After Gunfire Damages Two Substations, Leaving 40,000 People Without Power   caller 

Keep the pressure on Putin   thehill 

So now people are shooting up power stations? – HotAir   hotair 

Top secret B-21 Raider stealth bomber finally revealed in high-powered ceremony - Breaking Defense   breakingdefense 

China in Blockchain, Web3, and the Metaverse – The Diplomat   thediplomat 

Her Baby Needs Heart Surgery. But She Is Demanding ‘Unvaccinated’ Blood. – DNyuz   dnyuz 

I worked with the Wuhan lab - I tried to warn them & I KNOW Covid was a lab leak   thesun 

Last Pearl Harbor survivors remember "Day of Infamy"   usa 

Tesla cuts output plan for Shanghai plant for Dec -sources   reuters 

Biden's IRS Commish Pick Covered Up Obama's Targeting of Conservatives   frontpagemag 

Macron’s idea of ‘security guarantees’ to Russia faces backlash –   euractiv 

Ukraine war: Oil prices rise as cap on Russian crude looms Foto: Charly Levin de Grazia Hoffman The G7 and its alli   bbc 

Warnock and Walker share same final Sunday message: go vote   thehill 

School vouchers lack the access, performance, and accountability to help Texas students - Story Studio –   chron 

New Dem Leadership Abandons the Center: Radical Narratives, Ignorance, and Election Denialism – RedState   redstate 

Walmart's Walton family giving millions to LGBTQ causes, drag shows for children   wnd 

Biden's Problem With Numbers Gets Worse, Twitter Nails Him With Two Fact Checks – RedState   redstate 

Emails Cast More Doubt on the Official Covid Story   cityjrnl 

Do You Hear What I Hear?: Steyn's Song of the Week   steyn 

Eruption of Java's volcano forces thousands to evacuate in Indonesia   euronews 

Elon Musk Will Not Sign Autographs `Ever Again' As He Warns Assassination Risk Is `Quite Significant'   dailywire 

Betting markets heavily favor Warnock over Walker in Georgia runoff     thehill 

49ers win with Brock Purdy after season-ending Garoppolo injury   sfgate 

Greenwald: People Like The New York Times Are Realizing That If Assange Can Be Prosecuted, So Can They   rcp 


Twin ‘Saved Sister’s Life’ in Womb by Sending Distress Signal Forcing Early Delivery That Uncovered Major Problem   goodnewsnetwork 

‘Got a Problem with Jews, Kanye? Come See Me,’ Says Israeli UFC Fighter   unitedwithisrael 

UN to Mark Nakba Day, Calls for End of Settlements   consortiumnews 

Biden denies Florida emergency expanded Sheltering in Home Recovery FEMA funds – HotAir   hotair 

Raphael Warnock: We Have a Right to Kill Babies in Abortions -   lifenews 

'THE LAPTOP PROVES IT!': Comer GOES OFF on the Bidens, China, Big Tech Cover-up   hannity 

REPORT: Harmeet Dhillon Preparing To Challenge Ronna McDaniel For GOP Chair   caller 

Donald Trump's political death wish   washexam 

CNN's Jake Tapper Uses Images From the Holocaust to Attack Donald Trump and His Supporters - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

If San Francisco leaders care about tourism, they will protect Slow Streets   sfgate 

State Attorneys General Say FedEx and UPS Help Feds Track Gun Sales   ntd 

California's 'MAGA-led' Shasta County lurches further right   sfgate 


Comer to Probe Biden's Possible 'Secret' US-Saudi Oil Deal – PJ Media   pjmedia 

DoD Records Reveal U.S. Gov Tied To BioLabs In Ukraine, Hunter Biden Helped Secure Funding   lifezette 

Biden Admin Says They Drained Strategic Petroleum Reserve To Save ‘Global Economy’   caller 

Chris Christie's niece arrested, thrown off Spirit airplane; kicks, bites, injures 6 deputies, officials say   bizpacreview 

Over 500 executed by Iran since start of year, says rights group   timesofisrael 

WATCH: Jewish Father and Son Shot with BB Gun Outside Kosher Supermarket In Staten Island - The Yeshiva World   ywn 

A letter from mayors begging republicans to do something about the guns   politico 

Musk floats donations to Dems from fmr. FTX crypto CEO are over $1B, asks, 'where did it go?'   bizpacreview 

Murkowski on Trump call to suspend Constitution: ‘An affront to our Republic’   thehill 

Mysterious Object Emerges on a Florida Beach, Setting Off Speculation – DNyuz   dnyuz 

Paul Pelosi surfaces for Kennedy Awards gala where libs are treated to Trump and Kanye bashing   bizpacreview 

The federal government needs to do only ten things to destroy the US   thinker 


This week: House poised to send same-sex marriage bill to Biden’s desk   thehill 

The culture war is all around you   thecritic 

Indonesia set to pass new criminal code that will ban sex outside marriage   reuters 

Republican hopes fade as Warnock momentum picks up in Georgia - POLITICO   politico 

The Left Preaches, but Doesn't Practice, Diversity   thinker 

Finnish energy industry stunned by government’s high windfall tax plan –   euractiv 

When Civilization Goes Underground - The American Conservative   theamericanconservative 

Tasmanian tiger: Remains of last thylacine found in cupboard after 85 years #asia   bbc 

Waukesha Christmas Parade returns after deadly 2021 tragedy   usa 

Tragic twist after meter reader killed by dogs   newsau 

Threatened Coastal Railroad Is San Diego's Only Link to National Military Rail Network   military 

Staffers at hospital performing genital mutilation surgery on children are "coping" – HotAir   hotair 


Half of People Say Holiday Season Should Last Longer With 74% Saying Holiday Prepping Puts Them in a Good Mood   goodnewsnetwork 

Twittergate - The Fix Was In -   frontpagemag 

California, a Free State Since 1850, May Pay $233k in Reparations per Slavery Descendant   breitbart 

Elon Musk Claims ‘More Smoking Guns’ Are on the Way From Twitter   theepochtimes 

Can America Stop Turkey’s Assault on Northern Syria?   nationalinterest 

Lara Trump let go by Fox News, network cites rules regarding father-in-law Donald Trump's 2024 bid   americanwirenews 

SNL mocks Biden for showing up to work every day with brain damage   americanwirenews 

Sunday Talks, Incoming Republican House Intelligence Chairman   treehouse 

How the National Security State Manipulates the News Media   catoinstitute 

When Will Coca-Cola Apologize For Smearing Georgia Voting Law?   thefederalist 

Hundreds pack San Francisco BART stations for prank   sfgate 

Whistleblower: COVID was developed in a lab – HotAir   hotair 


Elon Musk reveals Hunter Biden Twitter censorship details in emails 

US Scientist Who Worked for Wuhan Lab Says COVID-19 Was 'Genetically Engineered'b in Chi- na funded by US through F   max 

'I will not step on that landmine': Netanyahu dodges open support for Trump return   timesofisrael 

Chinese-linked hackers stole millions in COVID-19 relief benefits: Secret Service   thehill 

Ukraine hit by new round of missile attacks; Russian air bases report explosions   thehill 

Niece of big-name establishment Republican arrested following meltdown on Spirit plane: Report - TheBlaze   blaze 

Might next year’s economic pain be less than forecast?   specuk 

Forget Reelection, Can Joe Biden Even Make It to 2024? – RedState   redstate 

Fox News Channel gives Lara Trump the axe over father-in-law's candidacy – HotAir   hotair 

California Seeks Native American Help After Years of Environmental Abuse   governing 

Ramirez: “A deafening silence”   power 

Norway’s energy paradox: How oil and gas are at odds with green tech start-ups   euronews 


Wales First Minister faces criticism after spending £13,000 on trip to Qatar to watch World Cup   dailymail 

Photo of Prince Harry in Netflix trailer was actually taken while the Duke was dating Chelsy Davy   dailymail 

American Scientist Who Worked for Wuhan Lab Claims COVID-19 Was ‘Genetically Engineered’   theepochtimes 

Richmond Restaurant Denies Pro-Family Group Dinner Service   thefederalist 

N. Korea Fires Artillery Near Border in Warning to S. Korea...130 Artillery Rounds Fired   military 

North Korea executes two teenagers for 'evil' crime of watching foreign films   express 

Jeffries and Schumer begin their Dem buddy act - POLITICO   politico 

Red-state rodeos to set GOP’s 2024 Senate chances - POLITICO   politico 

Sacrificing Academic Excellence on the Altar of `Equity'   thinker 

More rain in the forecast for San Francisco Bay Area   sfgate 

New Zealand announces review of its handling of COVID-19 pandemic   reuters 

Dutch investigation team gathers ‘evidence’ for ICC Ukraine probe –   euractiv 

Cowboys’ win over Matt Ryan, Colts shows why time to grab NFL’s brass ring is right now   dallas 

8 in 10 voters support consumer watchdog agency: poll   thehill 

Note Allegedly Signed by 'Jane's Revenge' Threatens to Pro-Life Group   breitbart 

Zelensky says more unity and resilience needed to survive winter   thehill 

For Crying Out Loud: The Incompetence of the GOP   rcp 

FBI warned Twitter of Hunter Biden 'hack' before censoring The Post for weeks prior to 2020 election. The very fbi   nypost 

Alameda's Caroline Ellison Spotted In NY Amid Speculation She Is About To Roll On SBF After Hiring Iconic Clinton L   zh 

MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen Rejects `Climate Change' As `A Quasi-Religious Movement Predicated on An   wuwt 

Suppressing Repurposed Drugs `Cost Millions of Lives': Founder of COVID Treatment Fund   theepochtimes 

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