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As BLM Encouraged Looting Businesses, It Received SBA Funding  realclearpolicy 

Here's the Surprising Backstory of the Downfall of Roe v. Wade   realclearinvestigations 

Germany: Afghan Muslim migrant stabs woman in the head at bus stop   jihad 

Border Patrol president: 'We're the greatest country in the world and you would never know it'   saraacarter 

Oh look, the commies at the UN are here to tell you why WORLD HUNGER is actually a GOOD thing   notthebee 

'SHE HAS TO HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE, RIGHT?' Veep Roasted Over Word Salad Remarks at Highland Park   hannity 

Chelsea agree personal terms with Raheem Sterling over Man City transfer   telegrph 

EXCLUSIVE: White House Press Corps 12 to 1 Democrat   thefederalist 

Maya Forstater has won a victory for reality - spiked   spiked-online 

TUNING OUT: CNN Weekend Ratings Plummet, Worst Since '93   hannity 

Biden Sends Oil Reserves Abroad As Americans Cope With Gas Prices   thefederalist 

DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS: Multiple TX Counties Officially Declare an Invasion at the Border   hannity 

Jean-Pierre refuses to answer Doocy's questions on Biden voicemail - TheBlaze   blaze 

Israeli prime minister calls for world to act before Iran becomes nuclear   oann 

Oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve sold overseas – HotAir   hotair 

It's Not 'Minority Rule,' It's The Point   thefederalist 

Stephen King spreads year-old debunked story on Gov. DeSantis –   twitchy 

Latest Viral Misinformation About Ron Desantis Falls Apart Almost Instantly - Conservative Review   conservativereview 

Raphael Warnock Caught in Illegal Campaign Finance Scandal – RedState   redstate 

Maine Gov Janet Mills Signs "Kill More Babies" Order Making State an Abortion Sanctuary -   lifenews 

Hypocrite Gavin Newsom caught vacationing in Montana –   twitchy 

I think The New York Times is scared ... and more than a little racist   notthebee 

Nolte: Joe Biden Ships U.S. Oil Reserves to Foreign Countries   breitbart 

Those US Oil Reserves Joe Biden's Tapping to Lower Our Gas Prices Are Going Overseas – RedState   redstate 

GOP Lawmakers Demand Answers from Merrick Garland Over Removal of Trump-era Immigration Judges   townhall 

Only 29 percent of likely voters want Biden to run for 2nd term: poll   thepostmillennial 

No, Highland Park Suspect Wasn't a Trump Supporter but Swalwell Train Wrecks Over It Anyway – RedState   redstate 

Sean Spicer: Trump is the 'Big Dog' in the 2024 GOP Primary   saraacarter 

Only 29% Want Biden to Run Again in 2024 - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

Harvard Poll Demolishes Major Media Narrative On Roe   thefederalist 

The Supreme Court Case That Could 'End American Democracy'   governing 

Poll: Republicans More Likely To 'Preserve Democracy' Than Democrats - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Bishop Revokes Catholic Affiliation From Massachusetts School For Flying Pride, BLM Flags - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Boris Johnson latest: Patel among cabinet ministers in No 10 telling PM to go - BBC News   bbc 

The pound is tanking against the dollar, hence the reason for rocketing fuel prices: Make no mis   bbc 

WATCH: Trump previews the return of his iconic Boeing 757 –   twitchy 

Op-ed by Charles Lipson: "Reining In the Fourth Branch of Government"   rcp 

Texas counties declare 'invasion' at US-Mexico border 

We Now Know How the Highland Park Suspect Was Known to Police   townhall 

My latest column "And the Devil is Laughing," now national at @RealClearNews   rcp 

Boris Johnson enters end game as loyal Nadine Dorries turns up to back Prime Minister   dailymail 

Kamala Harris seriously repeats the word seriously - TheBlaze   blaze 

No, Scott Adams, you don't murder your son   notthebee 

Canada: Government-funded school pamphlet warns against Conservative Party, free speech, Trump   jihad 

Rhode Island Leftist State Senator Tiara Mack twerks upside down in bikini ‘for votes’   jihad 

Robert E. 'Bobby' Crimo III confesses to July 4 Highland Park shooting, Wisconsin plan   chibiz 

New Axis of Evil running war drills in Latin America – HotAir   hotair 

Democrats' J6 'Show Trial' in Washington, D.C. Isn’t This Treason? - Dr. Rich Swier   drrichswier 

Maya Forstater’s victory   thecritic 

Biden releases U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves ... to China   thinker 

Criminals will never turn in their guns: Terrell   rumble 

NATO accession protocols begin for Finland, Sweden   oann 

These Celebrities Hated On America On July 4th   caller 

EXPOSED: Canadian claiming to be fighting in Ukraine shown revealed as fraud   thepostmillennial 

The Mayor of 'Murdertown, USA' Says Things Are Getting Better – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Jayland Walker Was Not An 'Unarmed Black Man'   thefederalist 

Fulton County DA Tries To Criminalize Legal Challenges To Election Fraud   thefederalist 

Triathlon becomes the first British sport to ban ALL transgender women from competing   dailymail 

Biden sending America's Strategic Petroleum Reserves OVERSEAS!   wnd 

NBC News’ presidential historian floats theory for why Highland Park gunman had been in Wisconsin –   twitchy 

USA Today journo says Salon should correct debunked DeSantis story he shared as factual –   twitchy 

DOJ Challenging Arizona's Citizenship Requirement for Voting – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Oil Released by Biden From the Reserves Went Overseas - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Joe Biden sends 5 million barrels of U.S. oil to Europe, Asia despite soaring gas prices - Washington Times   times 

Just because DeSantis is smarter than Trump doesn't mean that he is any less dangerous   wapo 

It's Past Time For America To Have Stronger Pro-Life Laws Than Europe   thefederalist 

Why Do We Always Have to Politicize Mass Shootings? – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Fighting Hard to Get Abortion Ban Reinstated -   lifenews 

Nina Jankowicz calls out NANCY PELOSI for ‘blatant misrepresentation’ –   twitchy 

AOC is all but launching her anti-Constitution presidential campaign   notthebee 

Dems aren't angry over Roe, they're livid about lost control   cfp 

After Lebanese paper report, IDF confirms another Hezbollah drone downed last week   timesofisrael 

Hello, please find the unroll here: Share this if you think it's interesting   threadreaderapp 

Real estate giant held in contempt in Trump Organization investigation   thehill 

Army Cuts Off More Than 60K Unvaccinated Guard and Reserve Soldiers from Pay and Benefits   military 

Grains of sand, it turns out, are surprisingly roomy when it comes to energy storage.   euronews 

President Biden's 'Whole of Government' Climate Spending Extravaganza   realclearinvestigations 

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

One-on-One with Former Phoenix Chief of Police, Daniel Garcia   oann 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Red states add way more jobs, blue states see shortfall post-Covid   bizpacreview 

Dutch Police Open Fire on 16-Year-Old Farm Boy - Aim Guns on Farmers as Mass Protests Shut Down Globalist Reset Plans   gateway 

Once Again, From The Breech in [Market-Ticker-Nad]   ticker 

The Rise of the Far-Right Latina – DNyuz   dnyuz 

just total denial here about the forces driving the republican turn against electoral democracy   wapo 

‘The Wall Is Idiotic’: Radical Iowa Democrat Mike Franken Pushes Open Borders on America, Argued Illegal Immigration Is ‘Not A Crime’   breitbart 

BREAKING: Big time Democrats FLEE as toxic Joe Biden comes to Ohio The Right Scoop   scoop 

Cipollone to testify before Jan. 6 panel on Friday: reports   thehill 

Netherlands Police Open Fire at Farmers Protesting Globalist ‘Climate Change’ Restrictions   legalins 

Why have the Conservatives fallen out of love with Boris Johnson?   euronews 

Germany Mocked Trump. Four Years Later, He’s Proven Right   caller 

Biden's DOJ Sues Arizona for Requiring Proof of U.S. Citizenship to Vote   breitbart 

Last WWII 'Band of Brothers' member dies at 97 

‘A friend’ of Confederate cooler owner Rick Wilson likens Florida to Nazi Germany –   twitchy 

Horowitz: What Supreme Court ruling? Blue-state Dems continue to block right to carry - TheBlaze   blaze 

Texas counties declare border crisis an 'invasion'   rumble 

The Two Faces of Lori Lightfoot Strike Again During Chicago Press Conference – RedState   redstate 

How many Covid deaths are acceptable? Some Biden officials tried to guess. - POLITICO   politico 

How Long Does Monkeypox Last? Some May Have No Symptoms – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Dublin rejects capping Ukrainian refugee arrivals amid housing crisis claims   euronews 

Ukraine evacuates civilians as Russia advances in Donbas –   euractiv 

Parliament backs EU plan to award ‘green’ label for gas, nuclear investments –   euractiv 

Kamala Harris seriously bumbles through another seriously redundant press conference … seriously –   twitchy 

With Rising Book Bans, Librarians Have Come Under Attack – DNyuz   dnyuz 

China Escalates Efforts to Influence U.S. State and Local Leaders, Officials Warn - WSJ   wsj 

Arizona Republican Jerone Davison takes on the KKK with an AR-15 in new ad –   twitchy 

U.S. targets Hong Kong, UAE companies in fresh Iran sanctions   reuters 

Mayra Flores Is Already Making All the Right People Mad – RedState   redstate 

Confirmed: White House reporters are Democrats by a 12-1 margin!   wnd 

Syrian soldier said killed in Israeli drone strike near Golan border   timesofisrael 

POLL: Have you added or dropped social media lately?   sharylattkisson 

Russians requested to work overtime under bills imposing wartime controls –   euractiv 

South Korea's KF-21 Begins Ground Tests Ahead Of Imminent First Flight - The Aviationist   theaviationist 

Kamala blasts Republicans as 'extremists in Chicago, makes surprise visit to Highland Park – HotAir   hotair 

BoJo: I'm not going anywhere – HotAir   hotair 

Fulton County, Georgia DA subpoenaed Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, and others in Trump's inner circle – HotAir   hotair 

ICYMI: The Republican National Committee   gop 

NY: American elections should be decided by American citizens. Period   gop 

30,000th immigrant fleeing Ukraine war arrives in Israel   timesofisrael 

The Nazi Roots of Islamist Hate - Tablet Magazine   tabletmag 

Hauteur with a twist of deceit   power 

MEPs back controversial EU plan to label nuclear and gas investments as 'green'   euronews 

Red States Are Winning the Post-Pandemic Economy - WSJ   wsj 

Did You Catch the Fake News VICE Peddled About the Shooting Targets Police Use for Training?   townhall 

Putting the Lie to an Iranian Fable   amint 

Explosion Partially Destroys Georgia Guidestones – Summit News   summit 

A people's revolt against eco-tyranny.   spiked-online 

Philip Rivers Has High Praise for Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert – RedState   redstate 


New Poll: Americans Oppose Abortion on Demand, Reject Killing Babies "for Any Reason" -   lifenews 

Boris Johnson LIVE: Zahawi TURNS on PM and leads Cabinet ministers ordering resignation   express 

Dogs in your neighborhood may help deter violent crime, study suggests   usa 

Lebanon gears up to send back Syrian refugees despite pushback from rights groups   timesofisrael 

Dutch Government Begins Canadian-Style Crackdown On Farmer Protests   thefederalist 

Youngkin appoints `wokeness' critic to UVA board of trustees   thecollegefix 

Twerking State Senator Claims She is Being Targeted Because She’s “Queer” and “Black” – Summit News   summit 

Transformations abound in new 'Thor' film   reuters 

Woman quits after boss tells her to `cover the stomach'   newsau 

U.S. State Park Unveils New Trail Made of Illegally Dumped Tires   goodnewsnetwork 

Boris Johnson gives huge hint he's ready for snap ELECTION if Tory MPs attempt to oust him   express 

Calvin Robinson reports comedian Nish Kumar for racism over his Boris Johnson tweet   dailymail 


Watch: Police Open Fire on 'Threatening' Dutch Farmer Protest   breitbart 

Supreme Court upholds Arizona voter law, imperils Biden's Georgia case   usa 

WATCH: Minneapolis becomes a war zone for July 4 –   twitchy 

Student visa fraud could be widespread, former ICE official says   thecollegefix 

Dilyn goes to auction   thecritic 

U.S. Abortion Laws: An International Outlier?   rcp 

Monkeypox Cases in New York City Double in a Week   legalins 

California to Pivot to Fossil Fuels to Avoid Blackouts. Fossil fuels to the rescue … in California? - Dr. Rich Swier   drrichswier 

One year later, a Cuban pastor remains imprisoned for peacefully protesting on July 11 – Babalú Blog   babalu 

Texas's senior senator needs a reckoning for his gun-grabbing   thinker 

Independence Day and the perilous state of our nation Liberals and Democrats are destroying eve   thinker 

"This is Klaus Schwab country"...(curious phrase)   zh 


Wages fell for professors this year in largest drop on record, report says   thecollegefix 

Guitarist Carlos Santana passes out on stage during U.S. concert   reuters 

NYC Mayor’s Aide Robbed at Gunpoint: Sources – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Red Flag Law Failed in Highland Park, Yet Mayor Demands More Gun Laws   sentinel 

Czech EU presidency proposes compromise text on the Chips Act –   euractiv 

Kellyanne Conway predicts Trump 'unstoppable' in 2024 against Biden, downplays DeSantis as untested - Washington Times   times 

Kamala Harris draws criticism over remarks in Highland Park after mass shooting - Washington Times   times 

Chicago July 4 shooting suspect confesses, admits contemplating 2nd shooting   timesofisrael 

US slaps fresh sanctions on Iran oil sales to east Asia   timesofisrael 

BREAKING: Highland Park gunman's partial motive REVEALED and much more . The Right Scoop   scoop 

BANNING THE BEE: Conservative Satire Site Babylon Bee Banned From TikTok – The First TV   thefirsttv 

Nottingham Forest poised to sign Liverpool defender Neco Williams for £16m   telegrph 


COVID BA.5: Manhattan Positivity Rates Back at 20% – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Two teenagers, 16 and 17, are caught 'trying to smuggle 16 migrants in Texas' on stolen pickup truck   dailymail 

The Cleveland Browns Trade Baker Mayfield To The Carolina Panthers   caller 

Minor Tariff Relief Appears To Be Coming; More Is Needed   catoinstitute 

Gun control activists demand Biden pressure Congress to nuke filibuster –   bearingarms 

'Scheduling Conflicts': Ohio Democrats Shun Biden's Visit   townhall 

Police say they're working under assumption that teen missing for 103 days is alive   timesofisrael 

7th parade shooting victim named as grandfather who went every year   timesofisrael 

Israel gives final nod to COVID shots for under-5s, stops short of recommendation   timesofisrael 

Man Utd could wait a MONTH before making another Antony transfer move with £65m winger injured   thesun 

Maya Forstater WINS discrimination case after being fired for 'gender critical' statements   thepostmillennial 

Gov. Youngkin appears to prepare for a 2024 presidential bid   thepostmillennial 


Biden, Harris speak with wife of Brittney Griner about her detention   thehill 

WATCH: Jean-Pierre CRUMBLES When Grilled Over Evidence Joe Biden Covered-Up Hunter’s Corruption – The First TV   thefirsttv 

EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS TRAGIC: Veep Offers Word Salad Sympathy in Highland Park Remarks – The First TV   thefirsttv 

Georgetown law professor: Americans are `slaves' to the U.S. Constitution   thecollegefix 

Fake U.S. embassy in Ghana shut down after decade issuing visas   reuters 

NBC-Universal in Trademark Dispute Over ‘The Office’ After a Michael Scott-Level Mistake – RedState   redstate 

What Vladimir Putin Is Really Thinking   nationalinterest 

You Can Apply the Feynman technique to Master Pretty Much Any Skill   medium 

The abortion administration unveils website to help teens kill unborn babies   lawenforcementtoday 

UK: Two dramatic Cabinet resignations minutes apart rock imploding Boris Johnson government   jihad 

Why did the Highland Park shooter's father help him get a gun? – HotAir   hotair 

NBC: Manchin cutting deal for BBB on drug pricing – HotAir   hotair 


This 'Grab The Wheel Again 2024' Gear Will Trigger Fragile Libs   clash 

TERRORISM: Biden Admin Loosens Entry Restrictions On Would-be Migrants With Terror Ties   clash 

Experiencing Constant Exhaustion?   clash 

Man Accused Of Entering Center City Law Firm Office, Sexually Assaulting Victim – CBS Philly   cbslocal 

Gavin Newsom Vacations in Montana Despite California's Travel Ban   breitbart 

White House spox confronted on Biden’s big lie after voicemail to son Hunter was released   bizpacreview 

Ben Shapiro: Why we can’t have a nice Independence Day   bizpacreview 

Democrats In California Will Offer Taxpayer-Funded Free Health Care To Illegal Immigrants In 2024   wz 

Man Utd transfer for Martinez 'only matter of time' in blow to Arsenal's hopes   thesun 

This guy is a legend!   thepoliticalinsider 

Boris Johnson suffers most ministerial resignations in 24 hours since 1932   telegrph 

Dutch Police Fire Live Rounds at Anti-Green Agenda Protesters – Summit News   summit 

The Hero of Pennsylvania. Guest: Retired Colonel Doug Mastriano   rumble 

Dem Lawmakers Are Blowing the Whistle on Biden and the Mess at the WH: 'Rudderless, Aimless, Hopeless' – RedState   redstate 

UK: London school refuses to release details of secret woke lessons to parents   jihad 

In Molenbeek: Jihadists, Guns and   ipt 

The Supreme Court’s Fourth of July Bash   heritage 

D-FW shops are filling up as construction remains stuck in slow mode   dallas 

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