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Easy, Step-by-Step Instructions

BadBlue's illustrated tutorials are designed to step you through setup and maintenance of your BadBlue server. Helpful screen shots guide you through each step. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

 1) Tutorial: Setting up Excel Web Sharing    Excel  

 2) Tutorial: Using Excel Web Sharing    Excel  

 3) Tutorial: Excel Web Sharing for IIS    Excel  

 4) Tutorial: Sharing Photos & Other Files

 5) Tutorial: Sharing Music & other Files

 6) Tutorial: Password-Protecting Files

 7) Tutorial: Getting a free domain name

 8) Tutorial: Installing PHP

 9) Tutorial: Peer-to-peer Sharing

10) Tutorial: Customize the front page

11) Tutorial: Password-protect search results

12) Tutorial: Password-protect OfficeSurfer

14) Tutorial: Writing your first PHP script

For some general tips, continue reading below. Or visit any of the above tutorials to get simple, easy to follow instructions.
Click for Tutorial: Sharing Music and other Files

Which Browser?

You can use any browser with BadBlue.

Important: when managing BadBlue, we strongly recommend the use of Internet Explorer (IE). Although any browser (Mozilla, Opera, etc.) will work for BadBlue users, the management pages use some IE-specific features.

Getting back to the main menu

If you accidentally close your browser window, it's easy to redisplay BadBlue's main page. Simply right-click on the BadBlue icon in the system tray and then select the Main menu option.

Let friends or colleagues surf to your PC
Once that you've set up BadBlue to share or publish files, you can set up your own domain name (like for your PC. This makes it easy to have your colleagues or friends surf to your PC and search for, display and/or download the files to which you've given them access.

The Troubleshooting guide provides a review of the steps necessary to let external users connect with your PC.

While remote users can see your main menu, they are only able to search for the files you've specified. Your administrative menu options can only be controlled by you, from your PC. If you want to password protect your files or otherwise secure access to your PC, please read the BadBlue Security FAQ.
Tutorial: Sharing Photos
Once you have everything configured, simply use the Manage >> Invite friends option to invite friends or colleagues to visit your server.

Want to install PHP?

If you need to develop or test PHP applications, BadBlue makes it easy:

  • Tutorial: Installing PHP
  • Tutorial: Writing your first PHP script
  • PHP Help Center
  • PHP Installation Quick Start
  • Reading Excel, Word and Access data using PHP

  • Want to set up a private file sharing network?

    If you need to set up a private file-sharing network (for instance, inside a corporate LAN environment or between computers inside and outside the firewall), the following documents can help:

  • Peer-to-peer Sharing Tutorial
  • Gnutella Sharing FAQ
  • Common Gnutella Deployment Scenarios FAQ

    These documents describe the typical configuration settings for private networks.

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